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the hands

No Name Just People is a social project were DESIGN, culture and art intersect. They are used as power tools to preserve culture and  promote development. We use artistic and cultural expressions as our vehicle to foster development within communities, and develop empowerment indicators  to ensure that every person involved in each project is impacted positively.

journey of the bag


First we choose a community to collaborate with and target their main artisanal product.


Design teams meets with master artisans to develop unique fabric designs . Our designs helps the artisans innovate their techniques.


Through the funds received by us,

weavers buy the raw materials from

the local artisanal community center. 


We look for ways of exposing their

artisanal products into bigger markets to

Maximize their potential revenue.

Our team meets with the leading artisan to discuss the sample and review fabric for quality control .


We determine the communities most basic

needs and ensure revenue is directed

to solve this specific needs. 

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