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Starting your own brand

How does it work ?
We know artisanal craft is unique & beautiful, however we also know how challanging it can be ; So we are help to help. This will benefit you and the communities by stimulating the economy within the communities and promote job creation. 


We will handle all the production process for you. Simply send over your designs and ideas and we will develop samples and ship them directly to you. Once samples are approved we will send your order to production and handle it for you. All you need to do is wait for your collection to arrive. 

Communities to work with 

- San jacinto Bolivar - Knitted cotton fabrics in vertical loom ( Hammocks , Fabrics)
- Usiacuri Atlantico - Iraca palm products ( Bags , Home decor products, Jewelry) 
- Embera Chamoi Risaralda - Beadwork ( Bags, jewelry , Home decor products)

For inquiries and more information email us at 

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