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launch event


Friends and family gathered together to get to know our brand and the story behind our first collection. For our first collection we worked with a small artisan community called “Usiacuri." We dedicated this collection to celebrate their heritage.  A display of pictures showing the faces behind our products and the materials used to build them were displayed along with the special boxes created by Alexander Mignot to exhibit the bags. The idea was to create A fusion of artisanal and contemporary art. 

beyond the box


Packaging is leading us into an environmental crisis, 9.3 Million tons of packaging waste was generated by the UK alone.  all this ends up contaminating our oceans and land. It is time to do things differently,  to find alternative solutions to packaging. No Name Just people partnered with Max Guevara, Artpo Foundation  the Conscious collective and Marangoni Institute  to launch an initiative that helps reduce the environmental impact of packaging. We used recycled boxes and transform them into a massive art piece were our products are shipped. This initiative not only adds an artistical value to our collection but contributes to keeping our planet clean.